Parents want the very best for their children, and education is a critical factor in their future success. To be competitive in a global economy, they will need multiple skills and studying in STEM related fields will give them a valuable edge in the workplace.  We encourage you to use this portal to learn about STEM and resources that are available to help you in the process.


How to Impart STEM Education to Your Children 
STEM Vital Signs

Parent Advisory Committee

•      PAC Chair will establish a committee of professionals and parents
•      PAC will identify programs within schools to establish templates of parental involvement
•      PAC will identify avenues of communication to best reach parents (school emails, take homes with students, other media)
•      PAC will meet 4 times per year to review activities and objectives
•      PAC will identify needed resources for parent activities
•      PAC will establish a designated email list for on-going communication