Mediterra Naples Golf Course Information You Should Know

Located off of Livingston Road in the city of Naples is a country club called Mediterra. It is a golfing community that has multiple neighborhoods which can paint houses and condominiums. It is positioned on about 1600 acres of land. Of those, there are about 1000 acres which are preserves. If you would like to live in one of the most elite golfing communities in all of Naples, Mediterra is the place to be. Here is what you can expect to find when you visit this exceptional community or you could check out more information from this siteĀ

What Type Of Homes To They Have There?

The homes that they have will include single-family homes and condominiums. The condominiums are priced at around half $1 million and remain under $700,000 in most cases. This is an excellent way for people to move into one of these luxury golfing communities unless of course, you have the money to invest in a home. Starting prices for single-family homes are just under $1 million. The more prestigious ones are over $6 million each. They have limited numbers of people that can play golf within the community, or that can have memberships to the two elite golf courses that are there.

Golf Courses In Mediterra

The golf courses that are there include a couple designed by Tom Fazio, one of the top golfers in history. The cost to play is $100,000 for the full golf membership fee. The social membership fee starts at $30,000 with annual dues of just over $6000 a year. There are also membership dues required to play golf at $15,000 a year. This is reasonable because of the quality of the golf courses, and how new they are. They are aptly named the North Course and the South Course, based upon their location at the facility. The North Course is very different featuring many different sand traps and narrow fairways. The South Course is much more complicated, providing more beautiful views of the natural preserves and rising and falling contours to the fairways. The reason that the membership fee is so high is simply exclusivity. No more than 225 people will be able to play the golf course every week. This ensures that there will always be a time for someone to play, and it will be far less crowded than many of the others that are available.

What Type Of Amenities Can You Expect There?

The Piazza at Mediterra is the jewel of the entire complex. It is the location from which all things occur. Not only do social events start off at this site, but it’s also the destination for the many people that play golf and visit this 25,000 square foot Mediterranean clubhouse. It is colossal, offering many different places to eat, a wellness center, and places that you can do Pilates and yoga. If you would like to obtain a massage regularly, or if you would like to play tennis, there are spas and tennis courts available, respectively.

What Are The Odds Of Purchasing A Home Here?

As with most of these luxury resorts, it’s not so much the price of the homes that make them difficult to obtain. It is the number of homes that are available. In this case, there are over 850 homes that have been built, many of which will come available throughout the year. Therefore, if you have the money to do so, you will likely see two or three every month that come up, sometimes more or less. The goal is to find a realtor that can tell you exactly when one has been listed so that you can make your offer on that property to get it.

Other Reasons To Live Here

A couple of the reasons to consider this location includes all of the waterways that are in the region. There will be water-based activities, and you will also get access to the private sports and beach membership, but this is very hard to obtain. It is very exclusive, requiring up to 12 months for the approval process to go through. It is not known how they choose people for this particular membership. However, if you do get in, you will have access to a private beach along with everything else that the Mediterra will provide.

Although it is one of the more expensive locations in Naples, you obtain quite a bit for the price. The access to the Tom Fazio golf courses, the stylish clubhouse, and the beautiful landscaping are reasons why people decide to move here. Best of all, the homes are exquisite. You will feel as if you are royalty living in this beautiful community. It is designed to impress, and you will certainly be satisfied with your home, and everything else that the Mediterra has to offer.

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