Educators are tasked with preparing young students for a high technology society that is dependent on advanced education in STEM. Too often they must accomplish this working with reduced budgets, limited time, increasing class sizes, changing standards and minimal technical support. At CFSEC we recognize that that the success of STEM education cannot only depend on teachers, but must be supported by industry and government in partnership with education. To this end, our Educators Portal will evolve over time to provide an array of information and resources that STEM educators can use in and outside of the classroom.

National Academies, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Recommendations for Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future

“Educator Advisory Committee Meeting” that will bring STEM and CTE educators together to:

  1. Explore how to align the STEM curricula with workforce needs (OCPS Initiative)
  2. Discuss ways of integrating formal and informal (Council members) STEM education programs
  3. Collaborate in support of STEM proposals for funding involving industry partners, and
  4. Better understand the resource needs of STEM educators and how industry might help.


STEM Teachers help local industry grow:  READ HERE

Educator Feature
Have a blast learning about electricity at the Orange County Public Library through a snap circuit workshop.
The workshop, designed for kids and adults alike, teaches electrical basics through easy-to-use circuitry
Resources for Educators

National Science Foundation:  Resources for STEM Education
American Society for Mechanical Engineers:  Engineering Resources
Science in Focus:  Force and Motion